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I'm Dorothy Tao and I’m working as HR Specialist in altPlus China.



At altPlus, my job is not just a job for reward, but a career that constantly brings solutions and hopes to environments. We use the most useful, rapidly renewable resource in the world, to improve life on earth.



I'm studying product knowledge with my team.



In taking the first job, the down-to-earth attitude is the most important.


The First Step




Setting the goal to start the career


When I chose my first job, I was confused and at a loss. I had majored in German language in my college, and after 4 years studying, I found I was lacking competition vs. other graduates who studied Engineering / Marketing / Accounting, because these people could even speak in English or even German fluently while with a good school achievement in their courses. At that moment, I realized that foreign language learning is a plus in the job but not a mandatory. So I switched to functional departments position, Human Resource, was my first choice.



My expectation for the first job lies in the hope that I can establish my most basic and professional working ability and personal relationship.



The place to Work




Shaping the world as imagined

如你所想 改变世界

As a leading bamboo material company in the world, altPlus boasts rich product pipelines and an excellent market position we are proud of. With the increasing proportion of the Chinese market, my workplace has become increasingly broad. Recruitment, Administration, other procedures settlement and other new opportunities emerge one after another. Shaping the world as imagined, I have launched more and broader career explorations, and I can also have enough space to give full play to my own ideas.



Our culture




People are the focus of our work


When I became a HR specialist, I found that the knowledge and skills necessary for this position required a long time of accumulation and precipitation. For me who just entered the industry, the ability to learn knowledge and apply it was my compulsory course.

To learn professional knowledge, practice and improve workplace skills, broaden contacts, I need to constantly drive myself to make continuous progress. altPlus provides me with not only resources and platforms, but also a good academic atmosphere. The professional performance of each colleague around me drives me to make continuous efforts every day.




When we look at the difference bamboo can make for people, the future becomes incredibly exciting, in every conversation.

altPlus is an international, multidisciplinary, company with professional services in design, engineering, manufacturing, and construction  with dedicated expertise in engineered bamboo solutions. 

One of the worlds’ foremost leaders in private, bamboo research and technology, altPlus aims to standardise and accelerate the adoption of performance bamboo solutions.






People are the focus of our work.


We care deeply about those who design with our products, those who make our products come to life and those who use our products daily, on the planet we all share. So we hold ourselves to the highest of standards to ensure that the bamboo industry as we know it, serves to deliver an experience for people that recognises bamboo for what it can do, and what it will do in the future.


We know that there is world to be explored, learned and taught in the modern use of bamboo and that is why we are dedicated to continuously challenging ourselves to expand our education programs and skill-building opportunities with our partners, clients and everyone we can reach. We are committed to developing standards that can be trusted and that will stand the test of time. 


The future for all of us is being guided by the practice of effective, sustainable, productivity and there is nothing better than achieving that with beautiful, natural, performance materials. For all of us, the future is bright. Let us show you the how and why, performance bamboo will play a major role in that future in 2021 and beyond.









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